All About WordPress

What can users do with this application?

  • WordPress is a web software tool that can be used to create both websites and blogs. is the site used to learn about and create websites, and is the site used to learn about and create blogs.
  • Examples of both blogs and websites created using WordPress are included in the links section on the right.   Below are examples of a classroom website and teaching blog created by using WordPress:
Educational WordPress Example

Educational WordPress Example

Educational Blog Example

  • WordPress also offers an application that can be used on any smartphone, making the application itself portable and accessible.

Must they subscribe? Is the service free? Does it work on any operating system?

  • Yes, to use the WordPress website you subscribe by creating a username and password.  To create a website, WordPress services are free, however you need something called a “web host” to hold all the information needed to create the website.  The web hosts do cost money, but it is usually a small fee (some users already have one downloaded on their computer).  The blog service is completely free to use.
  • Yes, the service works on any operating system.  However, depending on the web host used, it can and usually does require a certain amount of data space and strength.

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